Newman Chevrolet Raises $2,750 for ALS Research; Celebrates with Ice Bucket Challenge

Owner Challenges Team to Raise $500, Almost Reach $3,000

Cedarburg, WI — On Wednesday, Newman Chevrolet presented a check for $2,750 to go toward ALS research, thanks to two Ice Bucket Challenges aimed at the dealership’s owner, Chad Curran.

“I got called out by a good friend of mine, Jim Doyle, and one of our employees called out the rest of us. Unfortunately, I was out of town and wasn’t able to make the 24-hour deadline…so I threw out a challenge to all of our employees…if they could raise $500 in two days, I would not only match the $500, but we’d get dumped by a bucket of water from the company tractor,” said Curran, just minutes before the tractor full of ice water was dumped on the dealership management team (including Curran). Here is footage of the event.

The fund raiser took place amid the wildly popular, nation-wide Ice Bucket Challenge which has spread like wild fire across social media. The challenge was created as a way raise awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a degenerative disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement for which there is currently no cure. As the video shows, people called out by others haev 24 hours to post a video of themselves dumping ice water over their heads after challenging at least three other people. To date, the campaign has raised a record $31.5 million in August — approximately $30 million more than was raised last year during the same time period. 

About Newman Chevrolet
Newman Chevrolet is a family owned Chevrolet dealership in Cedarburg, WI. Founded in 1978, Newman Chevrolet has 37 years of award winning experience in sales (new and pre-owned), service and collision repair as well as a steadfast dedication to the community. 

6 Signs You Need New Spark Plugs

A worn spark plug (left) vs a new spark plug.

A worn spark plug (left) vs a new spark plug.

Spark plugs are an integral part of the vehicle, as they provide the needed spark that ignites the mixture of air and fuel in each cylinder. This continuous ignition is what keeps your car moving forward (or backward).

If the spark plugs are not checked by regular service and or changed when necessary, it can lead to further engine problems and much higher costs. Here are six tell-tale signs that you need new spark plugs:

1) Your engine has a rough idle.

The engine is in “idle” when it comes to stop and is producing around 1,000 rpms. An engine with new spark plugs should sound continuous and smooth, but if they’re performing correctly, the engine will output a rough, jittery sound and produce unsettling vibrations. Get it checked immediately.

2) You have problem starting your car

Many people attribute difficulty starting the car to being out of fuel or an old battery. An often overlooked possibility is worn spark plugs. As stated previously, if your spark plugs don’t produce the spark needed to fire combustion, you ‘aint going nowhere. It is also possible that defective spark plugs are the cause for your flat battery. If so, have your battery caps and spark plugs changed immediately.

3) Your engine is misfiring

You feel a “misfire” when the vehicle stops for a fraction of a second, and then continues its normal movement. This means that the engine is not working as well as it should, as one or more cylinders is failing to ignite, which can also lead to higher emissions.

4) Engine surging

When a vehicle takes in more air than normal in the combustion process, it may cause the vehicle continuously jerk and/or start and stop, which means that the motor is working inefficiently. This is also called “engine hesitation” and can be very dangerous if it occurs in the middle of traffic.

5) Lowered fuel economy

If your spark plugs are damaged, you may find your vehicle’s fuel consumption reduced by up to 30%, thanks to incomplete combustion. If you find that you’re filling up at a higher frequency, it may be caused by damaged or worn spark plugs. For optimum fuel consumption, all you have to do is change your spark plugs.

6) Lack of acceleration

It’s pretty easy discern if your car accelerates poorly. It’s as if the vehicle does not respond when you press the acceleration pedal, or it doesn’t respond immediately. It may feel as if your vehicle is working much harder than normal. This can be fixed easily with new spark plugs.

Do you know of other tell-tale signs of worn spark plugs? Let us know in the comments!

Rally Editions Add Black Bowtie, New Attitude to 2015 Silverado

2015 Silverado 1500 Rally Edition

The 2015 Silverado 1500 Rally Edition is a new appearance package for the double- and crew-cab trucks.

DETROIT – Chevrolet Silverado Rally Editions bring a sharp new appearance to 1500 double-cab and crew-cab pickups.

The Rally 2 Edition package for 2015 Silverado LT pickups features a body-colored grille with a black bowtie, 22-inch black alloy wheels, black tubular side steps and black mirror caps and door handles. Twin black Rally stripes on the hood and tailgate give the Rally Edition a unique appearance.

Also included will be  a trailering package with a hitch and automatic locking rear differential, 10-way power driver seat, dual-zone climate control, remote start, backup camera and rear defroster. The eight-inch Chevy MyLink radio includes a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot with 4G LTE connectivity.

The standard engine for Silverado is a 4.3-Liter EcoTec3 V-6. With 285-horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque, providing up to 7,200 pounds of towing, based on SAE J2807 Recommended Practices. Like all EcoTec3 engines, the V-6 can seamlessly switch to four-cylinder mode to save fuel under light-load driving, delivering EPA highway estimates of up to 24 mpg.

Also available is a 5.3L Ecotec3 V-8. Rated at 355 horsepower, it provides the best fuel economy of any V-8 pickup, up to 23 MPG EPA highway.

“Silverado won more awards in 2014 than any other pickup, including North American Truck of the Year,” said John Fitzpatrick, Silverado senior marketing manager. “The Rally Edition packages will let customers add an aggressive new look to this great all-around performer.”

Silverado will also offer two Rally 1 packages for 2015. The package for LT Silverados includes a body-colored grill with a black bowtie, black door handles and mirror caps, stripes and 17-inch aluminum wheels. Also included is a trailering package with a hitch and locking rear differential, rear defroster and backup camera.

The Rally 1 Edition package for 2015 Silverado LS models includes the body-colored grille with black bowtie, black door handles and mirror caps and two black rally stripes.

Double-cab Rally Editions can be ordered by Chevrolet dealers nationwide starting on September 4. Crew cabs will be available for order in early October.

Silverado is the most dependable, longest-lasting pickup on the road, and all 2015 Silverados will come with the best pickup coverage in America, including a three-year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, five-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty, and two-year/24,000-mile recommended scheduled maintenance.

Change Your Own Air Filter Quick Tip

  • Tools You Need: None
  • Time to Complete: 10 minutes
  • Estimated Cost: $10
car air filter

Changing your car’s air filter is extremely easy and not something you need to pay a mechanic for.

Generally speaking, you need a new air filter for your car around every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. You can pay a mechanic and give up your car for a day, or you can replace your air filter at home in about ten minutes.

  1. First, find your filter under the hood of your car. It’s in a black rectangular box with metal clips on the side. Check your owner’s manual if you don’t see it as soon as you pop the hood.
  2. Open up the casing, and check out how the air filter fits inside it. Make a note of which way the filter faces.
  3. Remove the old air filter, and insert the new one exactly how the old one sat.
  4. Remember to close the metal clips when you’re done.

That’s it. For extra savings in the long run, you can extend the life of your new air filter by hitting it with some compressed air to clear out any debris.